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Network Security

CODEC Security:
Sovereign Security Solutions.

Welcome to Codec Security Ventures (CSV) – an Australian security company that utilises technology such as robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, to offer scalable and cost-effective solutions for critical infrastructure, commercial and retail businesses, governments, and private sector entities.

Our solutions are designed to enhance security while reducing costs, making them accessible to organisations of all sizes.

Digital Security Services

A sovereign-owned security company 
leveraging the most innovative global technologies from trusted providers

Codec Security Ventures provides comprehensive security solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Our key value propositions include:

  • the ability to scale and grow with our clients

  • a sectoral approach that tailors our services to specific industries

  • a commitment to leveraging the latest technology to ensure our client's security needs are met; and

  • unparalleled security leadership that drives innovation and excellence,


With our expertise and dedication to client satisfaction, we are committed to being the go-to comprehensive security technology partner for organisations and businesses in Australia.

Our Technology

The benefits of new security technologies like robotics, drones, artificial intelligence and machine-learning, are key value propositions of our security solutions.


Cutting-edge technology allows us to replace mundane and low-value human tasks, freeing up and augmenting security personnel to undertake higher value tasks.

A better security outcome at lower cost.

Scale & Growth

The ability to scale and grow by leveraging technology is a key value proposition of our security solutions.


Our technology, including robots, drones and artificial Intelligence, allows us to implement security solutions which are fit-for-purpose-and time for enterprises but which are also easily scalable to grow with that enterprise.

Solutions for different sectors and different risk profiles

We are able to tailor security solutions to specific sectors and risk profiles.


We can provide high-end security solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure to support compliance with the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018, or we can tailor solutions for the commercial and retail sectors where the risk profile and security requirement is different.


Our diverse and highly-experienced leadership team brings unique skills and perspectives to implementing security technology solutions for all risk contexts.


At the core of our value proposition is the power which comes from our blend of diverse backgrounds in:

  • national security

  • commercial security

  • global consulting

  • innovation

  • technology

  • private equity

  • venture capital markets; and executive management.

CSVA Cobalt Robot Securing Art Gallary and Museum

There’s a better and more cost-effective way to secure and protect your assets.

Integrated Services

Our tech-enabled security solutions offer additional integrated services such as:
  • tech-enabled rapid responses

  • cyber-security services

  • environmental monitoring of your facilities 

  • mobile smart-building capabilities

  • improved occupational health and safety 

  • robotic concierge; and

  • ancillary security services.

Optimising Workforce Security with Modern Technology

CSV is committed to delivering exceptional security solutions.

At CSV, our mission is to make tech-enabled security available to everyone. Whether you're a small business owner or a large government agency, our technology solutions will help you protect your assets.

Ready to experience the future of tech-enabled security? Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you safeguard your assets.

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