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The future of warehouse and distribution center inventory management & security

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Ian Smith and Joseph Moster, co-founders of Ware, have revolutionized warehouse inventory automation by combining their experience in the drone industry with the need for an innovative solution that would allow for a safer, smarter, and more effective inventory cycle counting system within the warehousing sector.

Ware leverages autonomous drones, specifically the Skydio 2, to collect data and generate interactive reports for informed decision making, reducing safety risks and human error. The team takes a personalized approach, strategizing with each client independently to meet their current goals, establish the right safety procedures, and providing support from on-boarding to maintenance.

Ware has successfully deployed its warehouse solutions remotely, safely integrating drones into day-to-day operations, and transforming the way warehouses manage their inventory. With recent rounds of funding, Ware's capabilities are set to expand internationally and into additional verticals beyond drones, further strengthening the drone industry.

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