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Protecting assets with
tech-enabled security solutions.

Secure Your Assets with Cutting-Edge Tech-Enabled Security Solutions

Our Sectors

Protecting Australia's critical infrastructure 

The reformed Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 has imposed a new set of statutory obligations on thousands of business entities across 11 designated sectors in Australia. Those businesses now have a Positive Security Obligation to demonstrate compliance across the four security pillars:

  • Physical Security

  • Cyber Security

  • Personnel Security

  • Supply Chain Security

Our security solutions provide critical infrastructure entities with the ability to fast track their SOCI Act compliance and improve their business resilience.

Preserve the past, and secure the future with our museum and gallery security solutions

Museum and Gallery Manpower security is a critical aspect of protecting cultural heritage and artworks, as well as the safety of employees and visitors. We support this sector by implementing technology measures and systems which protect external and internal spaces and their valuable artefacts.

Experience peace of mind with our personalized security solutions for retail, commercial and education spaces.

We provide personalised concierge services and cutting-edge security technology to elevate the security of retail and commercial spaces. Our retail security solutions safeguard employees, customers, and merchandise, creating a secure and pleasant shopping experience.

Our Cobalt robots contain sophisticated sensors and this telemetry offers comprehensive facilities management reporting over and above the security outcome.


In the realm of commercial building security, we offer comprehensive measures to protect tenants, employees, and assets, while ensuring a secure and functional workspace.

Comprehensive security solutions for airports and seaports

Codec offers comprehensive security solutions for airports and seaports. With our deep expertise in AVSEC and MARSEC, and our advanced technologies, we provide tailored security measures to protect port infrastructure, assets, and persons

Specialized security solutions for Australian government agencies

The provision of security services to State and Federal Government in Australia is critical to ensuring the safety and protection of their employees and assets. Codec has significant experience in delivering security solutions to government agencies, including law enforcement, intelligence, and defence organisations. With enhanced technologies, sovereign ownership and control, and an AGSVA NV 2 clearance, we offer a differentiation over foreign competitors in the security services market. 

Sydney Cityscape CSVA

Innovative security technologies for comprehensive protection.

At Codec Security Ventures Australia, we offer a wide range of innovative security technologies to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our solutions leverage the latest advancements in robotics, drones, and AI to provide comprehensive protection and advanced security capabilities.


People and robots working together to make your spaces more safe, secure, and productive

Our robotic security solutions augment and replace human guards for mundane tasks, freeing up personnel for more complex assessment and intervention. 


With the ability to operate 24/7, robots provide a cost-effective and efficient security solution that enhances safety and security.


Skydio Autonomy enables operators to focus more closely on the operational scene, while flying in areas previously inaccessible with other drone systems.


Our drone security solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and speed, enabling us to respond quickly to security incidents and inspect difficult-to-reach areas. 


Our AI-enabled drone solutions, WARE AI offer streamlined inventory management and enhanced warehouse risk management, optimising operations and increasing efficiency.


Our AI-enabled security solutions, Forsight AI,  offer advanced environmental analysis and real-time reporting. Providing superior security and surveillance for our clients.

Security Room CSVA SOC
Security Recognition and technology Serices

A complete and comprehensive security solution at a lower cost

We recognise that robots and AI can't replace human judgement just yet. And maybe they never will. But security involves many low-value, repetitive, tasks like patrolling, static guarding, and monitoring which are tedious, expensive, and don't necessarily provide good security outcomes.


We believe that augmenting the security team with technology will lead to improved security at a lower price. Robots, AI, and other advanced technology can be deployed 24/7/365  onto those mundane tasks. They never get sick, distracted, or fall asleep and are the perfect security guard in those settings.


Their deployment frees up human security guards for deployment to high-value tasks such as incident resolution, analysis, judgement, and informed asset protection. In unison, the hybrid team provides a highly effective, comprehensive security solution - all at a lower cost. 

CSVA Airport Security Solutions

Our Ancillary Services

CSVA Building Security Services
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