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Construction and Building Security Services and Asset Protection

Why Codec Security?

Experience the Evolution of Technological Security Solutions with Codec Security Ventures Australia.

Our security technologies are designed to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. With a focus on innovation and advanced capabilities, we aim to provide the most effective security technology solutions possible, enhancing safety and security for our clients while reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Differentiating Services

Value add future enabled technologies to augment your guarding requirements at a lower cost 


Security Robots

Our robotic security solutions are designed to augment and replace human guards for mundane tasks, enabling personnel to focus on more complex assessment and intervention.


With the ability to operate 24/7, our robots provide a cost-effective and efficient security solution that enhances safety and security.

Skydio Drone and Wave Warehouse Automation

Autonomous Drones

We also offer drone security solutions, providing unparalleled flexibility and speed in responding to security incidents and inspecting difficult to reach areas.


Our drones have advanced AI and autonomous capabilities, enabling them to navigate and inspect areas quickly and safely, reducing risk to human personnel and enhancing the overall security posture.

Scenario Manager and Forsight AI

Advanced AI integration

Our AI-enabled solutions also integrate into security cameras, offering advanced environmental analysis, real-time reporting, and facial recognition capabilities, providing superior security and surveillance for our clients.

AI platforms provide our clients with a menu of analytical tools including pattern recognition, sentiment assessment, crowd congestion analysis, anomaly recognition, and weapon identification.

Melbourne Presinct Security Services
DIgital and Physical Security Solutions

Our Mission:
Reinventing security with technology.

Augmenting human guards with technology reduces the demand and dependencies on human resources with the ability to operate 24/7. 


Realising annualised savings per guard replacement while allowing security guards and support personnel to focus on more advanced security related operations.


Our robots and drones are designed for real-time response and maximum efficiency.


They are equipped to sense multiple incident types, including:


  • human activity

  • unattended items

  • anomalous items

  • opened doors

  • leaks and spills

  • unusual sounds

  • humidity 

  • wi-fi signals and strength

  • and many more

Our leadership team and its wealth of global and security business experience ensures our solutions provide businesses with improved security at lower cost.

Critical Infrastrcuture Security Services

Experienced Leadership

Parliament House and Critical Infrastructure  Security Services
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