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Discover the Latest Trends and Opportunities in Robosecurity

Original Article published by Dr. Travis Deyle, who is the Founder and CEO of Cobalt Robotics, serving safety & security, facilities management and HR applications


Robosecurity is revolutionizing the security industry by offering an effective and cost-efficient solution. Security robots are now widely deployed in various settings, including offices, data centers, hospitals, museums, and malls. With the latest advancements in wireless technology, sensors, mobility platforms, and artificial intelligence, robots can operate in diverse environments, performing dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks.

While the capability of human security officers has remained relatively unchanged, robots can continuously improve with every new piece of data, every software update, and every human operator. By detecting anomalies and alerting remote operators, robots can provide unwavering attention, perfect recall, and superhuman sensing, freeing up human operators to focus on higher-order problems.

The transition from 1960s-era robots to today's security robots was made possible by advances in wireless technologies, video teleconferencing, mobility platforms, electric vehicles, sensors, and machine learning. Companies are now investing in developing robotic manipulation capabilities, which will further improve the robots' effectiveness in performing complex tasks.

By using robots in the security industry, companies can achieve a significant return on investment. Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs) can serve as a basic table stake for a security robot by providing environmental data for investigative purposes after an incident.

Anomaly detection and human augmentation, on the other hand, offer a real advantage over human security officers. Security robots can detect anomalies, identify potential security risks, and notify remote human operators who can provide an appropriate response, such as a security officer, customer service representative, intelligence analyst, or medical expert. With the collective wisdom of an entire team of operators, the flexibility of security robots unlocks a vast array of use cases.

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