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DoorDash is using Cobalt robots to perform routine security tasks, including patrols for hazard and

Original article published by Security Sales and Intergration on October 03, 2022 by Bob Archer and can be found here.


DoorDash has partnered with Cobalt Robotics, a machine learning company that automates repetitive manual security and facility tasks with autonomous robots, to implement AI automated robots at their corporate offices. The robots will be responsible for performing routine security tasks such as patrols for hazard and threat identification, perimeter control, security escorts, and alarm response.

This marks the first time DoorDash has deployed AI robots in its office for securing the workplace. The partnership was designed to protect DoorDash's employees and increase security for its corporate offices. DoorDash's Global Safety and Security team collaborated with Cobalt to deploy the world's first fully-integrated and robot-automated COVID-19 screening and check-in system across its corporate offices in early 2020.

The use of robot automation allowed DoorDash to reduce COVID-19 transmission risk in its offices, and enabled it to enforce mask wearing, social distancing, and other health and safety protocols without putting its team at risk. As more employees returned to the office, DoorDash began using Cobalt robots to perform routine security tasks, which Cobalt's technology has enabled DoorDash to deliver industry-leading reliability, quality, and employee experiences in its workplaces.

Cobalt's AI-powered autonomous robots are now widely used and are a pillar of DoorDash's workplace safety and security strategy.

Cobalt's president and COO, Mike LeBlanc, said that DoorDash is known for its culture of innovation and deploying groundbreaking technology throughout its business, and the workplace was no exception. The company has proven to be one of today's most adaptable businesses and took that same determination to building a creative, innovative, and safe office space.

In summary, DoorDash's partnership with Cobalt Robotics has enabled the company to use AI robots to perform routine security tasks and increase security for its corporate offices, as well as reduce COVID-19 transmission risk in its offices, while still enforcing health and safety protocols.

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